Mediate First


The Asset Pool

pdfUnvested. Do Such Shares Have Any Relevance (450KB)
pdfPutting a Price on the Date of Separation (273KB)

pdfThe Risk of Double Counting the Value of a Business (276KB)
pdfDicing Asset by Asset in a Short Relationship (361KB)
pdfTo Add Back or not to Add Back (273KB)
pdfValuing a Professional Business Interest in the Family Court (276KB)
pdfAre Share Options and Rights treated as property by the Family Court (283KB)
pdfVanishing assets may still be part of the matrimonial asset pool (including those spent on legal fees) (US) (315KB)
pdfBankruptcy and Trust Claims Place Numerous Parties Onboard a Sinking Matrimonial Vessel (189KB)
pdfCompeting Bankruptcy, Trust and Spouse Claims (190KB)
pdfTo Add Back Post-Separation Expenditure or Not (266KB)
pdfThe Competing Presumptions of Advancement (Gifts) and Resulting Trusts (197KB)
pdfAre Trade Creditors a Relevant Farm Valuation Consideration (142KB)
pdfIs a Prospective Forced Sale of an Asset a Relevant Valuation Consideration (145KB)
pdfCan a $4.8M Tax Loss be a Family Law Financial Resource ? (584KB)
pdfInheritances Are They In Or Out ? (367KB)
pdfPost Separation Acquired Property from a Workcover Settlement (290KB)
pdfValuing a Reminder Interest (522KB)
pdfWhen to Make an Interim Property Application (355KB)

pdfAlternatives to Splitting a Defined Benefit Superannuation Pension
pdfIs an Equal division of Superannuation Always Appropriate
pdfIs the Valuation Date for Superannuation the Date of Separation or the Hearing (267KB)
pdfTo Split or Not to Split an Indexed Superannuation Pension (278KB)
pdfSuperannuation Post Separation (260KB)
pdfSuperannuation Post Separation (No 2) (284KB)
pdfSplitting Superannuation When There’s Nothing Else (526KB)