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Mediation may be unnecessary

We receive many enquiries from potential clients who have already reached an ‘in principle’ financial settlement with their former partner and propose a mediation for either discussion or fine-tuning.
In these situations we sometimes recommend considering whether the mediation process is an unnecessary step and expense. We may be able to better assist by accepting instructions from one person to review, advise on and, if appropriate, to document and finalise the settlement with or without amendment.
If you do not consider mediation necessary or appropriate for your situation but believe you can reach a Family Law financial settlement by negotiating directly with your former partner, MediateFirst can provide legal advice to assist you with those direct negotiations.

A sensibly and expeditiously negotiated financial settlement is usually a far more satisfactory and cost effective method of resolving financial issues arising from the breakdown of personal relationships than incurring the stress, time and expense of protracted negotiations or a Court ordered division.

What are the benefits of using MediateFirst to document and finalise family law financial settlements?

Kim Henderson blends his considerable Family Law experience with pragmatism and a desire to reach a practical resolution for all his clients. His skills promote and support co-operation without confrontation.

This approach looks for solutions rather than problems and aims to facilitate and implement appropriate settlements without laying blame or intimidating former partners. Kim has an awareness of the need to avoid causing irreparable damage in family situations where the parties to the relationship will often need to have ongoing future contact.

Kim’s aim is to finalise agreements without inflaming what can already be a tense and stressful situation.
Kim insists that his clients be honest, open and transparent.

What if your former partner issues a Family Law application?

The unique MediateFirst approach is limited to providing non-litigious options and solutions.

In order to maintain the integrity of our approach, we have chosen not to engage in or offer litigation services.

Accordingly if your former partner has already issued Family Law proceedings or chooses to do so during the course of your negotiations we will be unable to represent you or continue to act on your behalf.


Our fee for reviewing, documenting and formalising settlement agreements is $4,000 (inc GST) unless we notify you before commencing work on your behalf that your instructions involve complexities requiring an individual and specific quote.
In addition you may also incur the following costs:

  • a Court fee of $165 for settlement involving Family Law Consent Orders; and
  • if your settlement involves the transfer of real estate, shares or other substantial assets, the fees charged by other professionals such as your conveyancer or accountant.

Our fee for providing Family Law advice is calculated at the rate of $330 (inc GST) per hour.
Payment is required within 14 days by cheque, EFT or direct deposit