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Mediation provides a practical, innovative and cost effective approach to resolving Family Law financial issues arising from the breakdown of personal relationships.
Mediation should be the first step taken when trying to reach agreement, not the last. A MediateFirst mediation will:

  • encourage communication and facilitate open and informed discussion
  • discourage conflict
  • require transparency and the provision and sharing of information
  • provide a confidential and supportive environment to explore settlement options

Separating couples who choose mediation give themselves an opportunity to respectfully end their financial relationship while at the same time laying the groundwork for the future.

How much does a MediateFirst mediation cost?

Unless otherwise agreed our fixed fee is $2,750 (inc GST) per mediation session.
Mediation fees are incurred jointly with half the total fee payable by each client.

This fee includes –

  • reviewing personal and financial information supplied by each client and/or their financial advisors or lawyers before the mediation, and general pre-mediation preparation
  • conducting a mediation conference
  • providing a comprehensive written report to each client if their family lawyers did not participate in the mediation

How long does a mediation conference take?

Family Law mediation conferences generally take 2 to 5 hours.

What happens if we’re making progress but can’t reach an agreement in one session?

While agreements are usually able to be reached in one session, a second session is sometimes necessary. If so our clients may leave their initial mediation conference with a “to do” list and schedule a second conference.

Will the second mediation conference cost $2,750?

Yes, if additional information is provided and further preparation time is required. However, the fee for a subsequent mediation conference will be reduced in appropriate circumstances.

Where are MediateFirst mediations held?

Some of our mediations are conducted at our rooms in Geelong.

However many mediations are held at serviced offices or the offices of our clients’ accountant, financial advisor or lawyer.

When serviced offices are utilised the associated costs will either be paid by the clients prior to the meeting or included as a disbursement to the MediateFirst invoice.

Who attends MediateFirst mediations?

Both parties attend and may by prior arrangement be accompanied by their accountant, financial advisor, lawyer or support person.